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Home Exercise Have You Tried Piloxing? – A Hot Fitness Workout

Have You Tried Piloxing? – A Hot Fitness Workout

Have You Tried Piloxing? – A Hot Fitness Workout

Did you know that Boxing and Pilates are both hot workouts at the time being for it doesn’t really need a lot of fitness equipment. Who could have imagined that you are able to mix these two workouts and has become hot and popular among fitness enthusiasts.

How is piloxing different? Piloxing basically is a mix of boxing, dancing and pilates. Each routine has a fast paced three-minute combination. During the entire workout, it changes from Pilates and combines the footwork that includes power punches from boxing.

Fitness experts recommend that one have to allocate at least twenty to thirty minutes of exercise daily. Some exercise trends today include brisk walking, running, or resistance training that tones muscles. It is a favorite among Piloxing enthusiasts is the unique combination of the ideal routines from cardiovascular workouts and muscle building exercises that is preferred by people with hectic schedules. Many find that it effectively burns calories, fat and sculpts your abs at a single session of piloxing.

Here are some hot piloxing moves for you to begin with. Serve the Platter – great for your buttocks, legs, and thighs Place yourself with your right leg slightly bent and take your left knee inside the right leg. You can choose which leg to start with first. Then you slowly do a crunch to your abs to balance yourself. Push your arms simulating a wide scooping motion and bring it upuntil chest level at the same time still balancing your leg. Switch to the other leg after.

Modified 100 – for waistline and abs Begin with a seated position and slowly bend both knees. Lift the weights to your shoulder then slowly lean back to crunch your abdomen. Remember to practice the right breathing method by inhaling using your nose and exhaling using your mouth. Shift your arms up and down slowly.

Buttocks-Knee Crossover – It is taken from a boxing routine that tones the legs and lower chest Set the right hand and forearm on the floor and change your weight to the left knee. Make sure that your toes are to the floor. You can also start with any side first. Afterward raise your right knee from the back to feel the floor from the outside and raise it up until it reaches the height of your hip. Once raised, lower that right knee and take it in and out. Repeat in three minute routines before you change to the other side.

Cross jab mixed with foot shuffle – A boxing technique to targets waistline, arms and legs Slowly bend your legs; bring your left foot a little towards your right in front. Let your elbows curve and rest your hands underneath your jaw towards your face. Make a hop beginning one foot to the other foot swiftly and continually as you hurl punches with your right and left hand. Switch legs afterwards.

You will find quite a number of people who hate exercise because of tedious routines. After knowing the basic routines, you can experiment with advanced routines for you to try out and feel something new that offers a different experience.

This is an intensive exercise without the use of any gym equipment. Get to know new exercise routines that builds your muscles and sculpts your body effectively.


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