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Stomach Exercises That Work For You

Stomach Exercises That Work For You

We all want to have bodies that look like great works of art. You see people with such great physiques and it makes you wonder, how you too can get those great abs! As always, everything has to do with what you the food choices you eat. Your choices dictate the number of calories and the type of calories you take in which will ultimately decide whether or not you lose your unattractive flab.

Today, we will teach you that, through flat stomach exercises, you too can you can achieve impressive, well-toned abs without any need to buy expensive equipment, all in the comforts of your home.

What I shall impart are three of the best stomach exercises that even I use often. Some of our regular readers may be familiar with some of their variants while using programs like P90X. Although I personally feel these workouts are solid core exercises, they can also potentially be the most challenging and the most rewarding as well. These core exercises specifically target the lower abdominal muscles, as well as the lower torso, where most people tend to lose fat the least.

These are effective and highly recommended stomach exercises for women after dealing with child birth to help tone those abdominals. These are also helpful stomach exercises for men who are ready to drop that couch potato habit and get rid of that bear belly.

So let’s get off that couch… and actually get on that floor:

Scissor Kicks

First, you lie down on your back, keep your arms and hands flat on the ground. Next, raise your right leg to the air perpendicular to your torso, while your left leg extends out straight, but slightly elevated above the floor.

After four counts, swap the position of each leg. Do this for at least 25 times, preferably 1-3 sets of these during your entire core workout based on the total types of exercises you do per regimen.

Hip Raises

Just like in Scissor Kicks, First you lay flat on your back with your arms and hands on the ground. Next, Extend both legs parallel with your body and flex them into a diamond shape. The soles of your feet must touch each other, while keeping your knees flexed and facing away from each other.

Finally, raise both legs perpendicular from your body. Extend both your legs and most importantly, your lower torso up into the air. You can use your hands if you need to push your lower torso up into the air. Then lower both legs parallel to your body again. Do these exercises for at least 25 repetitions for 3 sets.

Pulse Ups

Again like in the prior workouts, First lay flat on your back with your arms and hands also flat on the ground. Extend both legs perpendicular from your body similar to the Scissor Kicks workout, but this time both legs are connected together instead of separated. Flex your feet, that way you feel some tension in your calves and even your core.

Finally, bend both knees while keeping your feet in the air and even with your waist. After 1 or 2 counts, straighten your legs again. Keep in mind not to flex your knees too far like you would during Hip Raises.

You want to attempt 25 repetitions for 3 sets for this workout, as well as the key point here is more about speed as you keep your form while doing Pulse ups.

Some Final Thoughts

Don’t take long breaks in between sets since you want to keep your momentum strong for as long as you can. Personally, a break should last no more than 10-15 seconds.

There is nothing wrong or discouraging with taking longer breaks. Take them as much as necessary.

Being aware of your body’s limitations does help you achieve what you aspire to do each time you do core exercises.

Ideally, this abdominal workout should be done for at least 2 to 3 times a week. While some of our regular readers will want to attempt doing these stomach exercises daily, and I don’t have any complaints with your enthusiasm, you may want to give your muscles adequate time to recover after every strenuous workout so that they can grow stronger in the long term. You will also develop a better endurance if you alternate between different muscle groups.

This workout is a long term project. There is no need to get frustrated if you don’t see any positive results. Be patient. Muscles can develop powerfully even under layers of fat as long as you perform satisfactory exercises regularly. You will see the best results when you combine your fitness regimen with a healthy lifestyle diet.

So let’s all strive to shave off those pounds! We are ready to entertain you any questions!


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